10th Grade Waste Audit and Composting Campaign

October 31, 2018

Boston Green Academy is the only school in the Boston Public Schools that has an Environmental Science and Technology Career and Technical Education Pathway. All twenty of the 10th graders in this pathway created the following project and will carry it out. They recently did an initial waste audit around the school, where they recorded how much waste was thrown away throughout 1 week. They analyzed the data and came to the conclusion that most of the waste was from food waste (we have a pretty good recycling program). We then contacted a composting company and will start composting all of our food and paper waste. The students will continue to track the amount of waste we are producing and upload all this information to our new building tracking system called ARC. Arc will help the students process if their action plan is working and help them think of ways to make it better. They will work to get composting happening in all 4 of the BGA lunches (6th grade, 7th/8th grade, 9th/10th grade, and 11th/12th grade.


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