Becker Elementary Green Classroom

January 27, 2019

Becker Elementary, built in 1936, is located in south Austin, Texas. Students enrolled in the school's Two-Way Dual Language program study in both English and Spanish. The school offers an excellent enrichment academic program and also has a chicken coop and green garden classroom, where each class tends its own garden plot. Created in 1989, the Becker Green Classroom is a 10,000 square foot natural garden that serves as an interactive outdoor classroom for students. Each Becker class has a designated bed where students plant, grow and harvest as they participate in activities that integrate curriculum concepts into their gardening. In addition, the garden has rainwater catchment tanks, a compost system, watershed and runoff models, alphabet and herb gardens, and a pond.
Becker students share the garden with other Austin ISD students who participate in the City’s Earth Camp program and Keep Austin Beautiful’s Green Teens and Green Stewards programs. Students’ hands-on experience in the garden fosters a deeper understanding of science, ecology, sustainability and healthy food and promotes students’ sense of well-being and environmental stewardship through outdoor learning.


Students will be impacted this year

Intended impact of project

Reduced environmental impact
Improved occupant health & performance
Increased environmental & sustainability literacy
Reduce landfill waste

Impact of project

Environmental and habitat restoration
Energy and/or water conservation
Waste reduction
Improved air quality
Improved school nutrition
Increased physical activity
Educated on sustainable skills and practices