Green Apple Bike Tour 2013

What is the Green Apple Bike Tour?

Follow us to Philadelphia! This November 2013, 15 USGBC Students, Emerging Professionals and staff will cycle over 200 miles from Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia, PA to spread awareness around the importance of sustainable schools and make a tangible difference in communities along the way. Last year, 20 USGBC Students took a bus across the U.S. on the Green Apple Bus Tour to Greenbuild. Based on the success of the bus tour and the most recent Green Apple Day of Service, we are thrilled to continue the momentum this fall! You can follow the entire trip here and through USGBC social media using the hashtag #BikeGreenApple.

Who is involved?

USGBC Students have joined forces with the USGBC Emerging Professionals program for this unique, exciting project. Ten participants from the USGBC community across the country and five USGBC staff have collaborated and committed to biking over 200 miles. Along the way, we will be engaging local communities and schools while we create a national presence and impact.

What will participants be doing?

Participants will have the experience of a lifetime engaging communities, completing service projects and advancing their sustainability careers. The trip will take place from November 12-19 with five days of cycling and three days of community service at local schools. This project, driven and designed by a team of young leaders, will incorporate three impactful, hands-on service projects and public awareness initiatives around healthy schools. Participants will conclude by attending the Greenbuild Conference and Expo in Philadelphia, November 19-22, to share their experience and represent the Green Apple program.

The schedule

Day 1, Nov. 12: Service Project in Washington, DC
Day 2, Nov. 13: Cycle Washington, DC to Frederick, MD (55 miles)
Day 3, Nov. 14: Cycle Frederick, MD to Gettysburg, PA (42 miles)
Day 4, Nov. 15: Cycle Gettysburg, PA to Lancaster, PA (57 miles)
Day 5, Nov. 16: Service Project in Lancaster, PA
Day 6, Nov. 17: Cycle Lancaster, PA to Phoenixville, PA (50 miles)
Day 7, Nov. 18: Cycle Phoenixville, PA to Philadelphia, PA (29 miles)
Day 8, Nov. 19: Service Project Philadelphia, PA

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