Coca Cola LEED Plant Site Visit

August 01, 2018

We will take 150 children from a LEED-certified school to a LEED-certified Coca Cola bottling plant for a tour of the bottling process and to show the sustainability of the building. This demonstrates that huge companies are taking care of their carbon footprint and we can do the same in our daily lives.

This plant was built specifically to receive visitors, so it has special platforms, elevators, stairs, ramps and huge windows that allow its easy touring.


Students attended


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Students will be impacted this year

Intended impact of project

Increased environmental & sustainability literacy

Impact of project

Educated on sustainable skills and practices
Educated on sustainability knowledge
Educated about sustainability careers

More impact of project

We partnered with this school specifically because, beside the fact that they are LEED-certified, Villa Per Se is a new school that seeks to be a reference for an active, integrating, human, scientific, global and universal model, according to the current world. Villa Per Se is a school that welcomes children in a natural way, where they empower them through the care and activities that are carried out, prioritizing the conscious development of all activities based on entertainment.

The school consists of educators, engineers, therapists, philosophers, designers, artists, economists and financiers who ensure that all areas of knowledge and learning, as well as child and family care are well implemented.

They are professionals united to offer the market a vision of education in a total way, that is, that contemplates all aspects of the Self to satisfy all the kids' material needs, but also the emotional and mental ones, and to form a community among students, teachers and parents. They are professionals who believe in educational change because they are convinced that the world is different and we need new tools that allow us to access this new paradigm.

We try to be part of the change in our current education system is held, and for us GADOS is a great tool. With this kind of activities, we can give the kids new knowledge that can translate into tools and they can change our country in the future.