Earth-Ag Day 2019: Pollinators, Hemp, and the Future of Agriculture.”

April 27, 2019

We are creating an event focusing on Global Sustainability and Pollinators centering on Hemp education and community involvement in Agricultural Communities by including this as a Green Apple Week of Service Project coinciding with our 2019 Earth-Ag Spring Festival in Hanford, Ca. This Green Apple Day Project will be to invite local schools and families to engage in the following:
1. In the weeks prior to the festival: Promote a Poster Contest with the theme: “Let's Talk About Hemp: History, Environmental Benefits, Our Health, and the Future.” There will be three categories for judging and one grand prize winner from each group. The judges will be pooled from school(s) faculty and staff and others who volunteer, and the winners will be on display in City Hall and the Amtrak Train Station.
1. Grades K-3
2. Grades 4-6
3. Grades 7-9
4. Grades 10-12

2. In the Green Apple week of the Earth-Ag Spring Festival: Students from local schools will plant California Wildflowers and Butterfly Bushes at local parks and downtown to Increase the Pollinators to help the Agricultural Environment and to Beautify the City of Hanford!


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