Green Science Fair

February 05, 2019

The Green Science Fair organized by the HMS Green Team included interactive displays about alternative energy, composting worms (red wigglers), the 3 R's and Repurposing, and numbers from the local landfill detailing how, via a reduction in metric tons, the city of Kearney, NE has recycled more the past 5 years. There were also craft tables about how to make phone speakers out of empty toilet paper and paper towel tubes and how to make scarves and hair ties out of old t-shirts. There was a recycled paper airplane game and a recycled golf game using empty wrapping paper tubes for clubs and empty cereal boxes held up by used plastic bottles for the holes. Finally, there was a green food table with grapes, limes, honeydew, green apples, and sugar snap peas in paper cups for students to eat. Food was paid for by the local public school Green Schools Initiative program.


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Increased environmental & sustainability literacy