"Keep Whittier Beautiful"

December 20, 2018

Funding is requested for a portion of a "start up" project of beautifying a barren area of the school ground that is presently unused and is often trashed. The area measures some 50 X 100 feet and has three small trees and 3 old benches and an old table. It is currently an eyesore as people walk through it and toss their trash. The same site could be a user-friendly place to sit and rest, watch birds, read, or enjoy a snack. We request funding to add two recycling bins to place next to a newly-placed trash can. We also would like to place some indoor recycling bins throughout the school to offer an alternative to tossing everything in the trash cans. We plan on also creating a brochure that documents the transformation of the area with suggestions of practices on how people can be better stewards of our environment. We hope our start up project will serve to motivate other school groups to become involved in the transformation of other areas on our school grounds that are barren, under used, and often trashed - creating a program similar to the program "Adopt a section of a highway" project.


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