A Scanner for 8th Grade Environmental Science Projects

August 30, 2018

For the past 12 years, all eighth grade students at my school have worked in teams to design and implement initiatives that positively impact our environment in some way. For example, last year one team encouraged school and community members to switch from using disposable plastic water bottles to reusable bottles. As part of their initiative they secured a donation of reusable bottles, sold them to school and community members, and donated all of the proceeds (nearly $1000) to victims of recent hurricanes. They also organized a cleanup of a local stream, educated student and community members at various events, and spoke to legislators at our state capitol. The results from their projects are far-reaching and impactful! This year our classroom is in need of a new scanner to help students complete their environmental projects. A scanner will help teams in a variety of ways- for example, by turning handmade fliers and other documents into digital fliers that can be shared through e-mail and social media. Please help my students make their projects the best they can be!


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