Smart Energy Lab

Each class develops a theme among the following: the reduction of energy consumption in the school; the school as a resilient building to natural disasters (earthquake); the pollution of the seas; slow tourism. During the day of the Green Apple Day of Service the students of a class will explain to the other students of the same school, or of other schools, invited to the event, the theme developed during the year. Support materials are: comics, posters, graphics, and more.


Students attended


Staff attended


Additional Volunteers attended


Students will be impacted this year

Intended impact of project

Reduced environmental impact
Improved occupant health & performance
Increased environmental & sustainability literacy

Impact of project

Environmental and habitat restoration
Energy and/or water conservation
Increased physical activity
Educated on sustainable skills and practices
Educated on sustainability knowledge

More impact of project

This day does not want to be solved in an occasional appointment for the celebrations, but wants to be a stimulus to respect the environment, as an integral part of daily activities. At school we need to discuss it in an interdisciplinary way, in didactic moments, that embrace the entire scholastic path (K-12). Turning off the light when leaving a room and reducing energy consumption, for example, means having an "ethical" attitude towards our planet, its inhabitants and future generations. It means "drop by drop ... fill the tank of life".