Notes from our Twitter chat: Greening our games

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June 04, 2013
Tess Wiggins

Two weeks ago, the Center for Green Schools (@mygreenschools) had the pleasure of virtually sitting down with the Green Sports Alliance (@sportsalliance) and the Seattle Mariners (@Mariners) over Twitter to talk green sports, the Green Apple Day of Service and more. In case you missed it, we've got you covered with a recap of our favorite questions of the day:

Green Sports Alliance (Alliance): Let’s get started with a question to Scott Jenkins from the Mariners: How are your team and venue going green?
Seattle Mariners (Mariners): We think green in all our operations at Safeco Field: recycling, conservation and solar. Details are here. We even partner with BASF on Sustainable Saturdays to involve fans in our efforts through a trivia game.

Alliance: CFGS, can you please tell us a little about the Green Apple Day of Service?
Center for Green Schools (CFGS): There're more than a quarter million green schools advocates volunteering September 28 this year. Join us!

Alliance: How are sports teams and venues participating in the Green Apple Day of Service?
CFGS: Last year the Mariners, the Seattle Sounders, the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Storm united to augment a garden at Denny Middle School. From Kansas City to Philly, teams are making partnerships and using our toolkit to plan their 2013 projects.

Alliance: Mariners, tell us about your experience last year with the Green Apple Day of Service.
Mariners: It was a great event with Washington Green Schools and McKinstry. We also had Carter Capps at Sand Point Elementary for a garden project a few weeks ago. Seattle Sounders' Taylor Graham was there, too.

Alliance: How can fans get involved in Green Apple Day of Service?
CFGS: Fans can partner with a local school and register a project (big or small!) through

Alliance: What questions do you have for our followers about how they are influenced by green sports?
Mariners: Are fans recycling habits at home same as at the ballpark? How can we help fans be greener at games?

Twitter follower response: The more options we have to recycle, compost, etc., the more people use them. Keep putting those options in!  
Mariners: We are aiming for over 90 percent recycle rate at Safeco Field. We are close and fans can help us get there. That would be amazing.

Alliance: Rachel, how are you engaging teams around the Green Apple initiative?
Rachel Gutter (RG): It was my pleasure to speak at the '12 GSA summit. I can't wait to see everyone again this year!

Green Sports Alliance then opened the floor up for our followers to ask us questions:

Q: Mariners, what do you find most rewarding from your impressive work?
Mariners: The growth of the movement through the industry. We now have 179 teams and venues as members of the Alliance!

Q: Mariners, do you think we'll see venues use rainwater harvesting for use in bathrooms, to offset water use?
A: Yes. Makes great sense for new construction. Waterless or low-flow fixtures for retrofits.

Q: Rachel, How can sports teams provide a positive role model for kids & their communities via the Green Apple initiative?
RG: Athletes carry a lot of weight with today's kids- they should serve as role models in sustainability every day by demonstrating green behavior. Our toolkit is a great way to get started.

Q: What about schools using rainwater harvesting for use in bathrooms, to offset water use?
A CFGS: Schools are already doing it! Check out Bertschi's rainwater collection system!

Q: For the Mariners- Scott, what did you accomplish from your week of hauling your own waste? That was crazy!
1.1 pounds for the week from SEA to NY to Bellingham. Join us next year.

As always, it was a pleasure to work with Green Sports Alliance and the Seattle Mariners to spread the word about the important partnership of sports + sustainability. We look forward to seeing all of the great projects at this year's Green Apple Day of Service. Remember- you can find a project that is already happening in your community and join in (perhaps even with a sports team!) or start your own project. Go #GreenSports!

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