Video spotlight: USGBC staff on the Day of Service, part II

Published on: 
September 20, 2013
Hannah Wilber

In this second installment of the Green Apple Day of Service Spotlight, members of the Center for Green Schools at USGBC team took some time out of their busy schedules to tell me a bit about the different projects they have teamed up to coordinate.

For Nick, Jenny, and Anisa, the Day of Service is exciting because it gives them the chance to connect with schools in their neighborhoods even if they don't have friends or family working or learning in those buildings. Volunteering serves as a kind of grounding mechanism, putting them in touch with other folks committed to sustainable and productive schools that they might not otherwise encounter, and enabling them to see firsthand what educational facilities really need to go green.

The variation across their different projects also speaks to how inclusive Day of Service is — you don't have to be an architect or an environmental expert to take part. For those that like to get their hands dirty, there are projects like Nick's that need people to roll up their sleeves and help with some essential but non-technical tasks. Or, if you want to become more knowledgeable about what actually goes into making a school green, there are projects like Anisa and Jenny's designed to bring essential information to those hoping to make a difference. I know it sounds cliché, but there really is something for everybody.

To see last year's Day of Service highlights, view projects that are happening in your area, or to register a project of your own, check out

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