Video: USGBC staff on the Day of Service, part I

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September 19, 2013
Hannah Wilber

With the second annual Green Apple Day of Service fast approaching, it's a great time to find out what kinds of projects volunteers are undertaking as part of the global effort to make all schools a healthy, sustainable, and a comfortable environment for the students and staff that walk through school doors on a daily basis.

To get a better sense of the scope of Day of Service and what motivates volunteers to take part in this great initiative, I sat down with some USGBC staff to chat with them about projects they are planning themselves. Boy, did I learn a lot. Even after only talking to a few people, it was becoming increasingly evident to me that this was really an opportunity for people from all kinds of backgrounds, and with all types of skill sets, to take the movement to green all schools within a generation and make it their own. 

These conversations were just too good not to share, and I hope the Green Apple Day of Service Spotlight, a mini series of video excerpts from our discussions, illustrates the breadth of potential encapsulated in this event. In this first installment, Tim Taylor describes his eagerness to volunteer at the school he once attended himself, building on the success of some already existing environmentally friendly features.

To see last year's Day of Service highlights, view projects that are happening in your area, or to register a project of your own, check out

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